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Stuff that would make this project really cool

I whine a lot, I know, but this project has taken a lot of time and effort. I probably spend 3-4 hours per title in order to digitize a cassette, edit the files into a coherent CD, type CD inserts, update the web site, backup all the data, burn CDs, process requests, etc. The web site is a project in itself. Count the CDs and do that math, add work for cassettes that aren't digitized yet, and then add another load of hours. It's all fun, but there are things I haven't done because I already ignore my family too much.

I'm always on the lookout for titles not in my collection. I focus on audio recordings from the '70s, but let me know what you have.

Review my CD inserts. There are some unnamed tracks because I didn't know what to call the item, but if you can remember, let me know. The inserts are pretty basic. If you have more information on soloists, directors, etc., feel free to provide alternative inserts. I can provide MS Word templates. I prefer formatted documents, rather than emails full of names that I then have to sort out and format.

Artwork and photos, formatted into a CD insert, would also be nice. In general, I don't want photos that I then have to scan and crop and format. Scan the photos and create the CD insert, then email that to me. Think of a CD you buy in a store; it has pretty pictures and lyrics and such. Get creative.

I am currently serving a full CD in MP3 format, just to see if it will blow my web site's monthly bandwidth quota. If you provide an internet radio service and if you'd like to serve LHS concerts, let me know.

If you were to scan a program for an event, I could link to that from the recordings page. Don't send me the paper program, because I don't want to spend the time to scan it.

Again, get creative. My web site has space and bandwidth limitations, but I'm sure there are groovy things we could do together.