Instructions for Requesting Recordings
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Table of Contents
  • Requesting Audio CDs or MP3s from Gary
    Blanks and Postage
Requesting Audio CDs from Gary

Some of this will seem obsessive on my part, but you can't imagine how many hours I have spent on this project. Do not send me money.

In most cases, I can provide web links to MP3 files. CDs will sound better. Also, some of the events have many tracks but a continuous audio stream; on CD, there will be no audible break between tracks, but MP3s will have a short break. If you're going to be listening on a phone, MP3s are OK. When you contact me, let me know if you want physical CDs or downloadable MP3s.

B&P - Blanks and Postage: If you're requesting a lot of titles on CD and you're worried about the cost to me you can send me blank CDs and a self-addressed mailer. Ask for details. In most cases, the cost to me is not worth worrying about.

If you have recordings that aren't on my list, I can help to digitize the analog media (tapes or albums).

  1. Look through the list of recordings. Each row shows the contents of one CD. There may be multiple events, different groups, and different dates on a single CD. Determine your desired CDs. I cannot fulfill requests for individual songs on CD.
  2. On the web page that lists the recordings, enter your name, address, phone number, and email address in the boxes, and check the boxes next to the CDs you want. The web page will keep track of your desired CDs (and you can un-check boxes to remove a requested CD). When you have checked all your desired CDs, click the email link to pop up an email window. Your personal info, request list, and instructions will appear in the email. Or, write the CDs on a separate sheet of paper with your name, address, phone number and email address.
  3. There is no limit, but large requests could take a long time to fulfull.
  4. Send your request by email or US Mail and I will confirm your request.

If you live near me and wish to exchange in person, that's fine.