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Rede Web Resources
As researched by Shea Thomas

Rede History

Waning Moon: The Evolution of Wiccan Ethics (Article by John J. Coughlin)

Rede Ethics

The Thinking Rede (Article by Shea Thomas)
RealMagick: A View on the Wiccan Rede (Article by Robin Woodsong) --- Ethics: The Wiccan Rede (Article by Rachel Raymond) --- An It Harm None: High-Choice Ethics (Article by Judy Harrow) --- Do What You Will: Best-Choice Values (Article by Judy Harrow)
The Wiccan Rede: A Commentary (Article from The Dance)

Reading The Rede --- The Wiccan Rede (By Karl Lembke)
Nightspells Class On The Wiccan Rede (By Hawkie)
The Witches' Voice (Article By Wren Walker) --- Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede (Article by Judy Harrow)