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Is God a supernatural being? Can we be spiritually connected without such a being?
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God is a supernatural, self-aware* being.
Agree: 35
Neutral: 13
Disagree: 9
People are spiritually connected to each other and the rest of creation. Our deeds affect everything and everyone, at least a little.
Agree: 47
Neutral: 6
Disagree: 4
After people die, they enjoy a self-aware* afterlife.
Agree: 30
Neutral: 15
Disagree: 12
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Many polls ask whether respondents "believe in God", but every person has a different understanding of his or her god or gods. Every atheist has a different definition for that which is not to be believed. This poll asks the God Question in a different way.
* self-aware: having an awareness of one's individuality and existence. For a god, this suggests individuality apart from humanity and the ability to consciously intervene in human activity. For a deceased human, this suggests an afterlife in which individuals may interact, e.g., you can see your loved ones.
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