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Listen to 1970s LHS recordings

From this web page, you can listen to one of the 1970s LHS recordings. I'll try to change the CD once in a while. The tracks are in MP3 format, which is lower in quality than an audio CD. Request audio CDs.

PDF Rock Ensemble 1975 (Godspell) (CD ID 35-003) is online today.
Click this link to display a description of today's tracks.

PDF Click to listen to today's LHS tracks.
This should open your usual music player, such as Windows Media Player, with the list of today's tracks. If this link doesn't work for you, please let me know. The MP3 audio tracks are optimized for broadband connections, so if you have a slow (dial-up) connection, it's possible that the music won't play well. Some business firewalls block streaming audio. Please contact me before redistributing these tracks.